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Testimonials for A Writer Within

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Tuscany, 2023

From the moment I said “yes” to Kathryn‘s retreat in Tuscany, I knew I was in good hands. Her communication was clear and easy to follow. Kathryn runs a very positive retreat, where I felt safe exploring my project and trying new writing styles. It was liberating, and I felt nourished in every way. The food was fantastic, and there was plenty of time to relax and write independently. The excursions were well-planned and very interesting. I recommend this fantastic Tuscan retreat!

Elizabeth Friedman, Los Angeles, CA


After deciding to attend Kathryn‘s retreat in Tuscany, I read her novel The Gilder and realized her style would suit me perfectly. The craft elements we discussed were easily applicable and perfect for a group of mixed-level experience. Meeting the family that owns the villa was an unexpected delight, and it was clear they were there to help with any issue or emergency. I knew I was in good hands all around.

Jayne Cronin, Conroe, TX


I came to this workshop for inspiration, and it didn’t disappoint. Kathryn is a gifted facilitator, and her teaching strategies and techniques were second to none. The food, excursions, and setting were a cut above anything I’ve ever experienced. I returned home reinvigorated and ready to continue my writing practice with renewed energy. I truly found my “Writer Within.”

Linda Young, Portland, OR


I might have arrived feeling uncertain about myself as a writer, but I left feeling confident and ready to take the next step in my writing journey. The beautiful memories are forever embedded in my heart.

Kristin Leesment, Brevard, NC


Without exception, every writer at this retreat was kind and inspirational. Clearly, Kathryn takes great care in putting together a group of women with similar goals and enthusiasm. I left Tuscany secure in the knowledge that my writing had reached a new level and with several new (talented) friends. Altogether, it was a magical experience.

Karen Levine, New York, NY


Kathryn gently nudges you to expand your horizons and explore fresh perspectives and ideas. With her knowledge and experience, she was able to elicit the very best writing each of us had to offer. Truly magical!

Leslie Jones, San Luis Obispo, CA


Kathryn hears and sees the “writer within” and creates a safe and nursing space for that writer to emerge. The writing exercises were terrific, and she wasn’t kidding when she said we’d write a lot! I am definitely a stronger writer for having attended this retreat.

Amy Stone, Southbury, CT


Kathryn has meticulously crafted an experience that offers a safe space to rest and refresh … observe and create … be heard … develop new skills … reflect … imagine new possibilities. Her passion for both her craft and women writers truly motivated me to engage deeply and do the work necessary to grow.

Angel Slaughter, Huston, TX


I was apprehensive about writing and sharing my work for an entire week with strangers. But in our very first session, my fears were put to rest, allowing me to loosen up and go wherever the prompts and exercises took me. A truly fantastic experience!

Marie Kingsbury, Milwaukee, WI


Kathryn is a fantastic instructor, motivating and inspiring. She has created an exceptional experience in a special place. If you want to see your writing come alive, do it with Kathryn in a retreat, a workshop, or private coaching. You’ll be glad you did.

Leslie D., Miami, FL

Tuscany, 2022

This week in Tuscany with Kathryn was truly transformative for me. Being away from home was a gift that allowed me to focus solely on myself and my writing. Kathryn created a seamless balance of work, relaxation, and exploration. The food was excellent, the villa was lovely, and my fellow writers were exceptional. So if you are looking for a transformative experience, don’t look any further.

Jennifer Eckert, Boston, MA


I had been stuck in my writing at home and feared I’d go all the way to Tuscany and be stuck there as well, but Kathryn’s very first writing prompt turned on my creative flow, and I never looked back. Kathryn’s gentle but powerful observations opened my eyes and guided me as I developed my characters and explored plot points. Not only does the villa lend itself to the creative process, but the women who gathered there were, without exception, kind, generous, and supportive. I didn’t want to leave.

Ellyn Wolfe, Hemet, CA


As a lapsed and somewhat reluctant writer, I felt immediately encouraged and supported in the nurturing environment Kathryn created. The writing sessions were meticulously planned, inspiring, and fun. The simple guidelines around constructive feedback created a safe space to explore one’s creative process. I strongly encourage anyone seeking a writing retreat to join Kathryn in Tuscany or anywhere she might be teaching. 

Margaret Jones, New York, NY


One of my concerns coming into this retreat was that I wouldn’t be able to disengage from my left-brained business mind and engage with my right-brained creative mind. But the workshop Kathryn has designed made the transition easy. As a result, this week in Tuscany was not only an evolution of my writing skills but of self-understanding. Sharing my work, reflecting on the work of others, and receiving constructive feedback all contributed to a deeper understanding of my creative process. 

Marlene Biseda, Pasadena, CA


If you are considering attending a writing retreat, don’t hesitate, this is the one! My writing improved by leaps and bounds in six short days. Getting away from the distractions at home was immensely helpful in engaging with and maintaining the creative flow. All I had to do was show up and write!

Ann Thomas, Coeur D Alene, ID


We all have stories, and what better place to tell them than in Tuscany? I was amazed at the stories, both mine and those of my fellow writers, that sprang to life under Kathryn’s focused and gentle guidance. My fears about being out of my league amongst more experienced writers vanished in the first session, and my week of writing exceeded my expectations.

Melanie Neilson, Rancho Cucamonga, CA


After much procrastination, I said “Yes” to this writing retreat in Tuscany, and I’m so glad I did. Kathryn creates just the right balance of writing, relaxing, and exploring. She facilitated excellent writing sessions with meaningful discussions and feedback and brought together a diverse group of women who supported and encouraged each other without reservation. Say “YES,” and you won’t regret it!

Erica Green,  Fairfield, CT


The writing sessions at this retreat exceeded my expectations. We did an incredible amount of writing every day, and the small group size made it a very safe place to share my work. If you want to treat yourself to a great writing retreat in gorgeous surroundings, this is the one! 

Kristin Elliott,  Morristown, NJ


I was apprehensive about the writing aspect of this retreat, fearing I wouldn’t be good enough, and I wish I hadn’t wasted a minute feeling nervous. Kathryn’s pace and instruction were perfect; she got us into the creative flow, and our writing poured onto the page. Both my confidence and my writing improved.

Theresa Bittner,  Albany, CA


I struggle terribly with a severe inner critic and constantly compare myself to other writers. Attending Kathryn’s retreat in Tuscany helped me face these challenges. With Kathryn’s supportive feedback and helpful suggestions, I was able to stretch and grow into a more confident place with my writing. If you are considering this retreat, but a voice is trying to talk you out of it, don’t listen; just go to Tuscany. Spend time in a beautiful villa in the company of like-hearted women, and watch your writing flourish.

Jan Desmarais-Morses, Bremen, IN


Kathryn is a wonderful facilitator and led our group in a highly professional yet personal manner. The group discussions were open, kind, and encouraging, and the writing exercises definitely helped advance my writing skills. The stunning location, superb food and wine, engaging excursions, and a great group of women made this the adventure of a lifetime. Grazie Mille!

Tracy deNys,  Auckland, NZ


This retreat in Tuscany was a treat in so many ways. Kathryn led us into our writing with skill, sensitivity, and encouragement, making everyone in the group feel inspired and supported. This was an experience I will cherish forever.

Judy Hampson,  Little Falls, NJ


I highly recommend attending Kathryn’s writing retreat in Tuscany. It eases you gently outside your comfort zone, where you can take your writing to the next level. This retreat is a must, regardless of where you might be on your writing journey!

Tanis Roeder,  Fort Collins, CO


This week in Tuscany gave me a much-needed opportunity to grow as a writer. Kathryn’s excellent curriculum and innovative exercises helped me achieve my goals and gave my ‘writer within’ an inspiring boost. 

Donna Klingle,  Parkland, FL


Everything about Kathryn’s retreat was a feast for the senses, from the beautiful surroundings to the incredible food. With Kathryn’s creative approach and inspired exercises, I was able to develop my project and improve my writing. It was wonderful to spend time with such a lovely and supportive group of women.

Victoria Pombiero,  Cornwall, UK


I’m so glad I put my fears and self-doubt aside and said YES! Kathryn leads a structured but relaxed retreat and projects an aura of calm control throughout the week. I felt completely safe in her hands, both as a writer and guest. I come away from this week knowing that I have found my “writer within.”

Cynthia McKnight,  Jacksonville, FL


I was a little nervous coming to the retreat, I hadn’t written in a while, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep up in the workshop. I needn’t have worried; Kathryn eased us into the writing and made sharing our work easy and comfortable. By the end of the week, I reached a deep understanding of my work and leave feeling inspired and excited to get home and keep writing.

Nicole Ross, Morgantown, WV


Tuscany, 2019

I said “yes” to the dream of a writing retreat, and what better guide than Kathryn Kay to make that dream become a reality? As a workshop leader, Kathryn is gracious, grounded, and focused. This was truly an all-encompassing experience of exploring myself and my writing. 

Marisa Brown.  San Jose, CA


As characters and themes emerged over the course of the week, I became increasingly curious and eager to give voice to my inspirations. Thank you, Kathryn, for creating this incredible opportunity to explore and give meaningful expression to what had been tucked in the recesses of my mind. I now have the tools to bring my stories to life.

Sherry Jones. Phoenix, AZ


Kathryn begins with the idea that we all have a writer within and is masterful at empowering us to silence our internal critics and give that writer a voice. I discovered energy for writing that I have never experienced before.

Christine Torres.  Los Angeles, CA


This retreat was exactly what I needed. I was stuck in my writing but didn’t know it. Kathryn’s exercises and guidance, along with the support of my fellow writers, enabled me to open a door to another project, one which has me feeling excited and joyful. Thank you.

Tracy Good.  College Grove, TN


I arrived at this retreat not knowing what to expect and found a kind, generous facilitator who gently guided me to stretch my limits and tap into the creative process in a new way. Somehow, Kathryn seemed to know exactly what I needed each step of the way. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to come to Tuscany and work with Kathryn.

Zaineb Sajid.  Casablanca, Morocco 


I came to this retreat with a clear agenda: see a bit of Italy and fix the novel I was working on. Daily life in a beautiful villa and delightful excursions around Tuscany more than fulfilled the first item on my list. Kathryn’s creative approach and attention to the craft of writing have replenished my toolbox in a way that will take me far beyond fixing my current project. Thank you.

Lisa Ramee.  Fremont, CA


This workshop more than exceeded my expectations. Kathryn has designed a well-organized retreat that is both instructional and entertaining. A master of teaching the craft, she breaks it down into digestible pieces and then ignites our imagination. I am well on my way and feel confident about completing my manuscript.

Wendy Matthews.  San Diego, CA

I hoped to begin a new chapter in my writing life, and I have. Surrounded by like-minded women who generously share their stories, I feel supported and guided by  Kathryn’s artful management. I am off in a new direction and filled with anticipation.

Nancy Morgan.  Leesburg, VA


Any fears I had in anticipation of joining this retreat in Tuscany were immediately assuaged by the warm welcome I received from this amazing group of women. Kathryn’s leadership created a sense of safety that supported us throughout the week. I highly recommend this retreat for the fun and innovative writing instruction, superb accommodations, and the perfect balance of work and relaxation.

 Allison Parke.   Hudson NY


If you are looking for a serene setting to explore your creativity and writing process, this is the retreat for you. It is the perfect blend of writing instruction, free time, and excursions to the Tuscan countryside. Kathryn is an excellent facilitator, and the villa will inspire your writing.

Cynthia Lim.   Mar Vista CA


This retreat has been unbelievably helpful in finding the writer within myself… and the authentic voice that has for so long eluded me. I am so grateful.

 Anne Waldon.   London, UK


Kathryn’s retreat was a warm reset and exactly what I needed. Working with her and the other writers was life-changing. Experiencing the deepening of my creative process and watching my fellow writer blossom was incredibly inspiring.

 Jo McGinley.   Pasadena, CA


This has been one of the richest experiences of my writing life. Kathryn set boundaries and created a safe space where I felt accepted and cared for. My writing process expanded into new and exciting territory where I was able to access my authentic voice.

 Nora Grove.   Vancouver, B.C.


I am so grateful to Kathryn for leading us on this journey to find the writer within each of us. It became about so much more than just writing; we listened intently, shared our admiration, laughed, cried, and created new friendships. I left inspired and eager to keep writing.

Carolyn Siegel.   Altadena, CA


Kathryn creates a safe space for words to flow and hearts to open. Magic can happen in such a space…and it did. Thank you.

Betsy Witherup.   New York, NY


Tuscany, 2018

Kathryn’s well-planned days unfolded seamlessly against a backdrop of openness and trust. Her creative writing prompts lead me to new discoveries and insights into my writing. Add to all this, comfortable beds, excellent meals, and enlightening excursions, and you will have a week to treasure.

Sarah Ismail.  Northampton, MA


I didn’t know if I’d be able to write to prompts, but Kathryn’s directives were both specific and wide open, which allowed me to adapt them to my project. The progress I made in developing my characters and deepening my story was far beyond what I could have done unprompted. Very inspiring!

Sandy Bernant.  West Tisbury, MA


Kathryn’s unique exercises and gentle guidance helped me focus on my characters rather than worry about where the plot was going, and it was through developing these delightful characters that I found my direction. The workshop hours alone were worth every penny of this spectacular retreat. Don’t miss out!

Val Estabrook.  Martha’s Vineyard, MA


The participants on A Writer Within’s Tuscany retreat were all intelligent and talented writers who shared their work generously, and my writing benefitted greatly from it. This, along with their kind and supportive company, made it an experience to remember.

Jacquie Tullo.  Nantucket, MA


I feel like I had the opportunity to test-drive each building block of storytelling as it was presented. We focused on something specific and then gave it a try. The instruction, writing, and sharing were perfectly balanced. Kathryn promised we would write a lot, and she wasn’t kidding, I was amazed at how much I produced and left feeling so inspired.

Laurie Ruskin.  Newton, MA


If you are hesitant about writing with a group, don’t be – at least not one with Kathryn. Her writing prompts are clear and concise and conveyed in a way that instills confidence and trust. Kathryn’s clear parameters around group feedback keep the focus solidly and positively on our writing. What a wonderful way to meet a group of like-minded women writers.

Jean Hay.  Vineyard Haven, MA


I loved that a different sense was addressed each day of the week and woven into the day’s exercises. I had no idea how powerful sensory imagery could be! You can’t imagine a better place to explore the senses than in Tuscany, and Kathryn’s well-organized retreat gave ample opportunity to both write about and experience each one with pleasure.

Kanta Lipski.  West Tisbury, MA


This retreat challenged me to think outside of the box and experience my own creativity. Kathryn offered us the opportunity to bypass the internal critic and dive deep into our creative process. I’m not sure how she did it, but it was magical. I’d definitely attend another retreat with Kathryn.

Susan Murray.  Bloomfield, NJ


Writing, listening, learning, talking, writing, eating, exploring, writing, laughing, drinking…did I say writing? Just the best!

Mary Kenny.  Morristown, NJ


In one way or another, every writing exercise invited me to push beyond my familiar edges. While I had once considered writing exercises with time limits something to be avoided, with Kathryn’s guidance, they easily and effortlessly became something I embraced. I highly recommend this retreat.

Ellen Ross. Huston, TX


Who could ask for more than the gift of inspiration?

Ticia Agri. Placerville, CA