Thank You for Your Kind Words



Tuscany, May 2019

I hoped to begin a new chapter in my writing life and I have. Surrounded by like-minded women who generously share their stories, I feel supported, and guided by  Kathryn’s artful management. I am off in a new direction and filled with anticipation.

Nancy M.  Leesburg, VA


Any fears I had in anticipation of joining this retreat in Tuscany were immediately assuaged by the warm welcome I received from this amazing group of women. Kathryn’s leadership created a sense of safety that supported us throughout the week. I highly recommend this retreat for the fun and innovative writing instruction, superb accommodations, and the perfect balance of work and relaxation.

 Allison P.   Hudson NY


If you are looking for a serene setting to explore your creativity and writing process this is the retreat for you. It is the perfect blend of writing instruction, free time and excursions to the Tuscan countryside. Kathryn is an excellent facilitator and the villa will inspire your writing.

 Cynthia L.   Mar Vista CA


This retreat has been unbelievably helpful in finding the writer within myself… and the authentic voice that has for so long eluded me. I am so grateful.

 Anne W.   London, UK


Kathryn’s retreat was a warm reset and exactly what I needed. Working with her and the other writers was life changing. Experiencing the deepening of my creative process and watching my fellow writer blossom was incredibly inspiring.

 Jo M.   Pasadena, CA


This has been one of the richest experiences of my writing life. Kathryn set boundaries and created a safe space where I felt accepted and cared for. My writing process expanded into new and exciting territory where I was able to access my authentic voice.

 Nora G.   Vancouver, B.C.


I am so grateful to Kathryn for leading us on this journey to find the writer within each of us. It became about so much more than just writing; we listened intently, shared our admiration, laughed, cried, and created new friendships. I left inspired and eager to keep writing.

Carolyn S.   Altadena, CA


Kathryn creates a safe space for words to flow and hearts to open. Magic can happen in such a space…and it did. Thank you.

Betsy W.   New York, NY


Tuscany, October 2018

Kathryn’s well planned days unfolded seamlessly against a backdrop of openness and trust. Her creative writing prompts lead me to new discoveries and insights into my writing. Add to all this, comfortable beds, excellent meals, and enlightening excursions and you will have a week to treasure.

Sarah I.  Northampton, MA



I didn’t know if I’d be able to write to prompts but Kathryn’s directives were both specific and wide open, which allowed me to adapt them to my project. The progress I made developing my characters and deepening my story was far beyond what I could have done unprompted. Very inspiring!

Sandy B.  West Tisbury, MA


Kathryn’s unique exercises and gentle guidance helped me focus on my characters rather than worry about where the plot was going, and it was through developing these delightful characters that I found my direction. The workshop hours alone were worth every penny of this spectacular retreat. Don’t miss out!

Val E.  Martha’s Vineyard, MA


The participants on A Writer Within’s Tuscany retreat were all intelligent and talented writers who shared their work generously, and my writing benefitted greatly from it. This, along with their kind and supportive company, made it an experience to remember.

Jacquie T.  Nantucket, MA


I feel like I had the opportunity to test-drive each building block of storytelling as it was presented. We focused on something specific and then gave it a try. The instruction, writing, and sharing were perfectly balanced. Kathryn promised we would write a lot and she wasn’t kidding, I was amazed at how much I produced, and left feeling so inspired.

Laurie R.  Newton, MA


If you are hesitant about writing with a group, don’t be – at least not one with Kathryn. Her writing prompts are clear and concise and conveyed in a way that instills confidence and trust. Kathryn’s clear parameters around group feedback keep the focus solidly and positively on our writing. What a wonderful way to meet a group of like-minded women writers.

Jean H.  Vineyard Haven, MA


I loved that a different sense was addressed each day of the week and woven into the day’s exercises. I had no idea how powerful sensory imagery could be! You can’t imagine a better place to explore the senses than in Tuscany, and Kathryn’s well-organized retreat gave ample opportunity to both write about and experience each one with pleasure.

Kanta L.  West Tisbury, MA


This retreat challenged me to think outside of the box and experience my own creativity. Kathryn offered us the opportunity to by-pass the internal critic and dive deep into our creative process. I’m not sure how she did it but it was magical. I’d definitely attend another retreat with Kathryn.

Susan M.  Bloomfield, NJ


Writing, listening, learning, talking, writing, eating, exploring, writing, laughing, drinking…did I say writing? Just the best!

Mary K.  Morisstown, NJ


In one way or another every writing exercise invited me to push beyond my familiar edges. While, I had once considered writing exercises with time limits something to be avoided, with Kathryn’s guidance they easily and effortlessly become something I embraced. I highly recommend this retreat.

Ellen R. Huston, TX


Who could ask for more than the gift of inspiration?

Ticia A. Placerville, CA