Hi, I'm Kathryn Kay, the founder of A Writer Within. As a personal writing coach and editor, I help women writers who struggle to define and meet their writing goals. I offer support and inspiration in getting started, organizing ideas, overcoming the inner critic, and completing projects. Creative solutions are my forte.

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What could be better for your writing than getting away from the stresses of everyday life?

A writing retreat held in a beautiful location where all your needs are taken care of might be the answer.

We will welcome you with open arms, and in the company of like-minded women, all you have to do is relax and reconnect with your creative flow.


Now that all your needs are taken care of, you can begin to reconnect with the writer you are and explore ways to become the writer you want to be.

As you focus on finding and nurturing your unique vision, you will find nothing between your words and the page except unlimited inspiration.

In this safe and nurturing environment, you will expand the boundaries of your imagination, master elements of the craft, generate new ideas, break through blocks, and write like you’ve never written before!


Author Lisa Ramee in living room at A Writer Within's Tuscany retreat

Each morning we will explore the craft of writing through plot, dialogue, characterization, imagery, and more. As you become curious about story ideas, inspirations, and blocks, you’ll discover and embrace your unique vision.

I am dedicated to getting you beyond your inner critic and into your creative flow, and I have a unique and effective teaching style that instills confidence and promotes growth.

You will have free time in the afternoons to continue writing on your own or reflect on what you’ve learned. Some retreats include additional afternoon sessions.

If you are looking for a serene setting to explore your creativity and writing process this is the retreat for you. It is the perfect blend of writing instruction, free time and excursions to the Tuscan countryside. Kathryn is an excellent facilitator and the villa will inspire your writing.

Lisa Ramee,  Author of Mapmaker and Something to Say

Whether you need someone in your corner to help you own your potential or a skilled eye and sensitive touch in shaping your work, I am passionate about supporting your writer within.


Kathryn’s astute edits and inspired suggestions were invaluable in crafting my work. Her sensitive coaching encouraged me to have faith in my abilities and trust the creative process.

Beverly Lafontaine, Los Angeles, CA