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I wasn't sure if writing for ten minutes to a short writing prompt would be of any use to me, but it's been amazing! Not only am I establishing a solid writing practice, but I love what I write!

~ Sandy Porter, New York, NY ~

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This Course Includes:

31 writing prompts - one for each day of the month.

31 tips on how to improve your writing skills.

31 Links to supporting materials

31 days of support and encouragement.

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Kathryn’s writing prompts, Jumpstart Your Writing Practice, have helped me tremendously! Prompt #17 opened the floodgates and I’m finally working on the book I’ve dreamed of writing. Thank you!

Carrie C., Orland Park, IL

These prompts send my brain in unexpected and stimulating directions, and I’m astonished at what I am producing. I look forward each morning to sitting down and just writing without a plan in my head. The prompts might deepen a project I’m working on or inspire a new idea. The variety challenges and inspires me each day.

Judy H., Little Falls, NJ

Do you have 10 minutes a day to devote to your writing?

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I’m Kathryn Kay, the founder of A Writer Within. I offer support and inspiration to both new and seasoned writers. My focus is on getting writers into the creative flow, beyond their internal critic, and into the writing life they’ve always wanted.

I’m a big fan of short writing prompts, and I’ve been using them for years in my workshops, retreats, and with coaching clients. They are tried-and-true and easy to do with amazing results. Honestly, all you need is ten minutes to get started. You'll be glad you did!

For a limited time only $27

Jump-start your writing practice in 10 minutes a day!

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