Whether you need someone in your corner to help you own your potential or a skilled eye and sensitive touch in shaping your work, Kathryn is passionate about supporting your Writer Within.

After four years of writing and rewriting my memoir, Grateful For The Color Blue, I was eager to get it published but knew that something still wasn’t quite right within the manuscript but I was too close to see it. I had attended Kathryn’s workshops and admired her skillful teaching, coaching, and editing expertise and felt certain she was the one to help me across the finish line.
Her editorial suggestions hit the mark. She offered thoughtful structural and developmental observations throughout the manuscript, which enhanced the overall flow of my story. Her supportive praise bolstered my confidence as a writer and I am now confident my memoir is ready for publication.
Engaging Kathryn as my editor and coach was the best choice I could have made.

Ellyn Wolfe,  Author of Grateful for the Color Blue

I was most fortunate to meet Kathryn at a critical time in shaping the marketing plan for the launch of Sedna Inspirations. I had put out a call to the Universe for a skilled and sensitive writer to help me put my vision into words…and Kathryn appeared.  She listened closely, and expertly distilled the essence of my message into the fewest of words for merchandise tags, a business card, and created concise and inspiring text for my website sednainspired.com
If you know what you want to say but don’t know how to put it into words you need to know Kathryn.

Sylvia Guerrero




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