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Ever found yourself staring at a blank page with that little cursor blinking away like a taunt?

We have all been there. We’ve found ourselves unmoored from our creativity and uncertain of how to move forward. 

The good news is that you are HERE, ready to reclaim your writing life.

Let’s dig in and make your work shine. 

Ready to take the next step?

A writer is not born; you probably didn’t come out of the womb with a pen in your hand. Sure, you may have been drawn to the craft from an early age, but talent takes time and dedication. It takes work, just like any other skill. 

It’s a significant step when you consider engaging a writing coach. It means you’re ready to take your writing to the next level. I have twenty-five years of experience, and it’s my honor to help you hone your craft and  create the writing life you’ve dreamed of. 

I’m glad you’re here!

“After four years of writing and rewriting my memoir, I was eager to get it published but knew something within the manuscript wasn’t quite right, but I was too close to see it. Kathryn’s editorial suggestions hit the mark. Her supportive praise bolstered my confidence, and I am now confident my memoir is ready for publication.”
— Ellyn Wolfe, author of “Grateful for the Color Blue”

Customized Coaching

One-on-one coaching is an opportunity to invest in yourself. It means you are ready to honor your vision and realize your writing goals. When you work with me, you can be confident you’ll always have someone in your corner to support you and show you the way.

Coaching can mean:

  • Realistic goal setting
  • Actionable next steps
  • Professional resources
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Building an achievable practice
  • Accountability

My coaching services are customized to your needs. Some clients meet once a week as they get started, once a month to stay motivated, or every couple of months once they are deep into a project. Book a complimentary Discovery Call, so we can talk about what you need.


It starts with a phone consultation to determine your exact goals. Following our call, I’ll create a custom coaching plan based on your needs.

Your investment includes five coaching sessions scheduled on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis.

Each session is one hour long; we’ll review your progress and set new goals. Writing prompts and exercises will be provided as needed.


$195 single session

$700 for five sessions

Small Group Coaching

2025 dates TBD, please inquire

They say it takes a village, and Small Group Coaching is the perfect example of how a small community can foster mighty results. When you immerse yourself in a collaborative environment that fosters creativity, motivation, and support—your writing can flourish.

Benefits of Small Group Coaching

  • Receive individual attention with targeted feedback on your writing and suggestions for improvement. 
  • Learn from exchanging ideas and giving/receiving constructive feedback.
  • Commitment to the group encourages consistency, discipline, and accountability.
  • The collective energy and input of the group can inspire creative breakthroughs, fresh perspectives, and inventive strategies.
A hand holding a blue pen, writing in a notebook with white pages.


Each session is 90- minutes. During the first hour of each session, we will discuss an aspect of the craft, put it to use in an exercise, and share feedback. I will customize the curriculum to the needs of the cohort.

The final 30 minutes of each class is devoted to a constructive critique of one participant’s work. Over eight weeks, each participant can submit up to 6 pages for a live review/critique. This interactive session allows for in-depth feedback and analysis from both myself and the rest of the group. 

These sessions include an ongoing discussion of setting realistic writing goals so you leave the course with a clear path forward.


$475 for 8 classes

"Kathryn’s astute edits and inspired suggestions were invaluable in crafting my work. Her sensitive coaching encouraged me to have faith in my abilities and trust the creative process."
—Beverly Lafontaine, Los Angeles, CA

Developmental Editing

It’s said that writing is rewriting. I know that editing can be daunting, but you don’t have to tackle it alone. As a professional developmental editor, I will provide insight into your work and help you develop a specific and realistic editing plan.

Developmental editing includes:

  • Creative editing solutions
  • Big picture scope
  • Honing structure, plot, and pacing
  • Character development 
  • Specific editing plans
  • Kind and constructive,  feedback
  • Motivation + accountability

How Editing Works

We start with a phone consultation to determine your specific editing goals, including character development, structure, plot, themes, dialogue, and elements of craft.

Your fully edited work will be returned with edits, comments, and suggestions.

I will recommend phone calls to discuss as needed.


$95 per hour, minimum two hours.

Not all editing is the same.
Which do you need?

Developmental editing is looking at the big picture—overall plot, characters, tension, pacing, themes. It’s all about the story.

Line editing zooms into your work to edit at the sentence level—tone, readability, and sentence structure.

Copy editing is all the grammar we learned (then forgot) in school, plus things like fact checking. (For example: if you’re writing a sweeping historical epic, your main character better not be wearing a zippered dress, because modern zippers weren’t invented until around 1913.)

When it comes to editing, developmental editing is where my talent lies, but I have resources and recommendations for talented line and copy editors.

"Kathryn helped me go from chaos to content! With Kathryn's inspired editing skills, I was able to push through the toughest blocks and create the manuscript I had envisioned. If you are looking for a skilled professional to help you achieve your dreams, look no further."
— Jo McGinley, Pasadena, CA

Manuscript Assessment

This is ideal for writers who have completed a first draft of a book and aren’t sure what comes next. My one-time assessment will give you ideas and solutions for how to best approach editing.

Manuscript analysis includes:

  • A close read of your manuscript
  • Constructive feedback with realistic solutions
  • Chapter-by-chapter comments, questions, and suggestions compiled in an easy-to-use guide
  • An overall summary of the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Two private consultations
"Kathryn has been essential in developing my courage and commitment to a growing writing practice. She is a proficient and subtle reader, and her coaching is gentle but challenging. She is organized, engaged, and has an innate sense of the next steps. I am so grateful for her wisdom, generosity, and skill."
— Elisa Callow, Altadena, CA

How Manuscript Assessment works

We begin with a phone consultation to talk about your specific goals and concerns.

Once I’ve analyzed your work, I’ll return your manuscript with my comments as well as a summary document with my findings and suggestions.

After you’ve digested my assessment, we’ll schedule a second phone consultation.


$1650 for works up to 350 pages

"A coaching session with Kathryn launched my writing into a place I never imagined! She creates a safe space, asks focused questions, and actively listens to your response. She left me with a concrete way to move forward. She is very gifted and worth your time and investment."
— Di Ucci, Brevard, NC
"Who needs a writing coach? I’m betting we all do, especially if she’s as supportive and encouraging as Kathryn. She zeroed in on my need for smoother transitions, suggesting ways to help the reader understand the flow. I have new tools to improve my story-telling."
— Kristen Elliott, Morristown, NJ
"I engaged Kathryn for a Manuscript Evaluation for the initial draft of my novel, and it’s the best thing I could have done! She has an excellent editor’s eye and saw things that I never would have noticed on both a large and small scale. Her feedback was essential in moving my project forward, and I have now written a second draft that is far better than anything I’ve written to date. My experience with Kathryn has been positive, enlightening, and inspiring. As a result of Kathryn’s guidance, I’m a much better writer—I wish I’d found her sooner."
— Wendy Matthews, San Diego, CA

Mailing List Perks

I’ll let you know about upcoming retreats and workshops, new blog posts, personal stories, and free resources. In fact, when you sign up, you’ll get access to my free guide focused on 40 Questions for Creating Compelling Characters.

Dig in, Get Inspired, Keep Going
That’s the heart of our work together.

Embrace Your Writer Within

An online small-group writing workshop for women.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a weeklong writing retreat or 1:1 coaching, but it would help to have support and inspiration—this is a great (and affordable) alternative for you.

Tuesdays, 12 pm EST/9 am PST
From Sept 17 to Oct 22, 2024

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