6 Great Revision Tips For Polishing Your Prose

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In this post, I offer six essential tips to help guide you through revising your creative work. Whether you’re crafting a short story, novel, poem, or memoir, these tips will serve you well through your revision journey. From stepping back and examining the big picture to fine-tuning your language, each step is pivotal in transforming […]

5 Tips To Get You Writing Everyday

Writing every day is ideal; if you can do that, it will serve you well, but many of us find it challenging to achieve or sustain a daily writing practice. Use these five tips to help get you into a daily writing practice.

The 5 Biggest Hurdles That Keep You From Writing And How To Overcome Them 

Here are five of the most common hurdles that keep writers from writing and some suggestions for surmounting them. I’ve included links to blogs that will give you additional insights, tips, and solutions to some of the most common hurdles to getting started and sustaining forward momentum with your writing.

How To Know If You Are A Writer?

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You don’t have to be born a writer; you can learn to be a writer. Writing isn’t necessarily a talent; it’s a craft you can master with practice, just like anything else.

6 Great Tips for Writing Engaging Dialogue

  In my previous blog, How to Format Written Dialogue, I covered the traditional approach to formatting dialogue and the general rules to keep your dialogue flowing smoothly and clearly. The most natural and engaging dialogue will only be effective if formatted correctly, allowing the reader to follow it and keep track of who’s speaking. […]

Embrace Your Writer Within

An online small-group writing workshop for women.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a weeklong writing retreat or 1:1 coaching, but it would help to have support and inspiration—this is a great (and affordable) alternative for you.

Tuesdays, 12 pm EST/9 am PST
From June 11 to July 23, 2024

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