No matter where you are on your writing path, this is the perfect writing retreat if you’re looking for something a little bit different, just starting a project, have lost your way, or simply need a new perspective…take the leap and join us in Tuscany!

If you are looking for a serene setting to explore your creativity and writing process this is the retreat for you. It is the perfect blend of writing instruction, free time and excursions to the Tuscan countryside. Kathryn is an excellent facilitator and the villa will inspire your writing.

Lisa Ramee,  Author of Something to Say


What could be better for your writing than getting away from the stresses of everyday life? A writing retreat held in a beautiful villa in Tuscany, where all your needs are taken care of might just be the answer. All you have to do is relax and reconnect with your creative flow. You will be met in Florence and driven to our villa 45 minutes south of Florence where a room of your own will be waiting. Your meals will be prepared by our talented chef who will cater to your every need, and you will definitely be in love with her cooking by the end of the week. If you need a massage to vanquish the last vestiges of jet-lag, this can easily be arranged. A quiet walk through the property’s olive grove is sure to quiet your mind and open it to the imagination.


Now that all your needs are taken care of, you can begin to reconnect with the writer you are and explore ways to become the writer you want to be. In this week-long writing retreat you will focus on finding and nurturing your unique vision while surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded women. In this safe and nurturing environment you will find there is nothing between your words and the page except unlimited inspiration. Expand the boundaries of your imagination, master elements of the craft, generate new ideas, break through blocks, and write like you’ve never written before!


Each morning is dedicated to an exploration into the craft of writing. We consider plot, dialogue, characterization, imagery, and more, and as you become curious about story ideas, inspirations, and blocks, you’ll discover and embrace your own unique vision. Kathryn is dedicated to getting you beyond your internal critic and into your creative flow and has a unique and effective teaching style that instills confidence and promotes growth. You will have free time in the afternoons to continue writing on your own, or simply reflect on what you’ve learned. This writing retreat includes a private consultation with Kathryn during the week to discuss your writing. If you are working on a project (not required) you will be invited to send a section of pages in advance of the retreat for feedback during your private consultation.

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