Hi, I'm Kathryn Kay, the founder of A Writer Within. As a personal writing coach and editor, I help women writers who struggle to define and meet their writing goals. I offer support and inspiration in getting started, organizing ideas, overcoming the inner critic, and completing projects. Creative solutions are my forte.

It's not a question of whether you have a writer within—it’s a question of how to set her free.


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As an author, I understand the challenge of finding time to write, and I’m familiar with the resistance that keeps me from sitting down at my desk. I know how it feels to be disconnected from my writing, anxious at the beginning of a project, or stuck in the middle of a story without a clear way forward.

We all need assistance at some point along the way, and there's nothing better than having a fresh set of eyes on your project or problem. I help my clients define their ideas and achieve their writing goals. I love nothing better than getting to the heart of an issue and finding just the right solution that unlocks the inspiration a client needs to get their words onto the page.

If you are wondering how I ended up hosting writing retreats in a beautiful villa in Tuscany ...

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Whether you need a skilled eye and sensitive touch in shaping your work, or someone in your corner to encourage and guide you, I am here to support your Writer Within. I offer editing, coaching, and manuscript assessment services. Every service is custom tailored specifically to your needs.

No matter where you are on your writing path, this is the perfect writing retreat if you’re looking for something a little bit different, just starting a project, have lost your way, or simply need a new perspective…take the leap and join us in Tuscany!

I arrived at the retreat not knowing what to expect and found a kind, generous facilitator who encouraged me to stretch my limits and guided me into the creative process in a new way. Kathryn knew exactly what I needed each step of the way. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to come to Tuscany and work with Kathryn.

Zaineb Sajid. Casablanca, Morocco

Kathryn’s astute edits and inspired suggestions were invaluable in crafting my work. Her sensitive coaching encouraged me to have faith in my abilities and trust the creative process.

Beverly Lafontaine, Los Angeles, CA

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Find out more

This workshop more than exceeded my expectations. Kathryn has designed a well-organized retreat that is both instructional and entertaining. A master of teaching the craft, she breaks it down into digestible pieces and then ignites our imagination. I am well on my way and feel confident about completing my manuscript.

Wendy Matthews. San Diego, CA


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