Thank You for Your Kind Words



Our workshop last summer was so much fun and so incredibly creative — it unlocked a wellspring of deep emotions and gifted me with a confidence in my writing I’d never felt before. Everyone in our group enjoyed it so much that we’ve all signed up to do it again this summer. Kathryn Kay is a wise, warm, and wonderful teacher who will introduce you to interests, skills, and talents you may never have known you had. I highly recommend the experience!

Jessica G.
Boston, MA





I finally gave myself the gift of this workshop and as is so often the case when we finally commit to something, the rewards are beyond our wildest imaginings. I learned so much about myself, simply by showing up and responding to the prompts. There wasn’t anything between the paper and the magic of my fingers; my internal critic had no voice. I had many reasons to say no, yet again, to taking the workshop this summer. But I finally said YES to me!

Siouxsy S.
Boston, MA


Kathryn’s voice and unique teaching style, will coax the muse from any corner of your mind where she might be hiding.

Barbara S.
Boca Raton, FL


I rushed here—after the initial uncertainty—with unabashed eagerness. I liked the tone of trust and the subtle management of our time and our psyches. I felt entirely safe.

Nancy W.
Nantucket, MA


What a wonderful workshop-inventive, inspirational-I can’t wait to do another.

Ellen G.
Boston, MA


Kathryn is a deft, gentle writing coach. I have taken three courses with her, each superbly productive. I now read and listen differently with a much broader repertoire of writing techniques. Everyone feels entirely safe to write. Lucky you to be in one!

Pamela B.
Hartford, CT


What a fabulous day of writing! You stretched me to explore places I wouldn’t have gone without sensory prompts and creative exercises. This fun workshop heightened my awareness of the senses, enabling me to incorporate more detailed sensations into my characters and landscapes. I highly recommend it!

Monica F.
Nantucket, MA


I seem to need safety and support to bust through the walls and I found that here along with people like me, affirming and smashing their own walls. I liked the clear, calm comfort of Kathryn and her space.

Mara C.
Los Angeles, CA


The exercises gave me the space to write in new directions. They prodded me gently toward new exploration.

Cindy P.
Siasconset, MA


I loved the way the process, through probing questions and meditative exercises, allowed me to open up to myself.

Linda R.
Boston, MA


Your writing prompts send me off and running on the word paths of my mind in directions I might never have gone on my own. You create a safe environment where we can all appreciate our ‘sister writers’.

Betty S.
New York, NY


I loved the fact that I was writing, not thinking about it but doing it. The exercises were a great kick-start for my brain. I liked that we read our writing aloud, got it out there and had a chance to respond to each other’s writing.

Alison S.
Nantucket, MA


The hours in your studio were magical and fulfilling. Thank you.

Constanze U.
London, UK


I was amazed at how well I could write on impulse, and was surprised by what came out of the exercises.

Gail S.
Nantucket, MA


The atmosphere of mutual trust enabled each of us to move beyond caution and reticence to give ourselves permission to take the risk, to put our thoughts to paper and experience our own individual creativity — one page at a time, one day at a time.

Barbara C.
Rye, NY